Heaters – Operating Instructions

Each heater needs to be switched on at the wall first. If you do this and the red light doesn’t come on, then you will need to put some money in the relevant meter in the kitchen. Instructions are inside the meter cupboard to the right of the kitchen sink.

The normal setting for the heaters is:

Output Setting: 4 o’clock (II)

Thermostat Setting: Approx. 2 o’clock

In cold weather, the heaters may need to be on for ½ hour before the room feels comfortable.

It might help to put the heaters on high for a while – top switch to the 6 o’clock position (III)

When the room has warmed up return the top switch to the 4 o’clock position (II)

No benefit is gained by altering the Thermostat setting.

The higher the heat setting the faster the fan will turn, making the heaters noisier.