Main oven


The cooker switch is the red one to the right of the oven above the worktop. It should already be switched on. Please leave it on after use.

IMPORTANT– The clock MUST be set before you can use the oven. 

You can only set the clock if the oven is switched off – the left hand knob is set to 

IF THE MAIN SWITCH HAS BEEN LEFT ON, the clock will already be set.

IF THE MAIN SWITCH HAS BEEN OFF, when you switch it on, a time (usually 12:00) will be displayed and the clock symbol will be flashing. Press the button below the clock symbol ONCE.This time will be set and you can then use the oven.

If you wish to set the clock to the correct time, whilst the clock symbol is flashing, press either of the buttons below the + or –  symbols to reach the correct time. After a few seconds, the flashing clock symbol will disappear and the clock will be set. 


If you want to heat up food, turn the left hand knob to 

True Fan Cooking. 

Use the right hand knob to set the required temperature. You can set the temperature 20 degrees lower than you would on a conventional oven.

The red light will go out when the oven comes up to temperature.